Wolf Insurance Agency understands that your property is a very important part of your life. In fact, the single largest investment you may ever make is your home. Are you sure you have adequately protected your home and other properties?

Germania Farm Mutual offers a policy specifically designed to meet the needs of rural and suburban property owners. This unique policy can be written to cover your residence, whether it is of conventional construction or a Mobile Home.

Depending on the property covered, you may be eligible for one or more of Germania’s premium reducing discounts. These include our:

Companion Policy Discount – 15%
All Metal Roof Discount – 5%
Hail Resistant Roof Discount – Up to 7%
Claims Free – Up to 10%
Alarm Credits – 5%
Companion Life Discount – 10%

If your property includes Outbuildings and Farm Equipment, Germania can provide this  coverage under one policy.

The Germania policy can be enhanced to cover many additional items that are on small farms and ranches.

Some of these additional items include:

Farm Equipment
Hay and Field Products
Poultry Houses
Dairy Barns
Grain Bins
Saddle and Tack

Wolf Insurance Agency also offers property insurance through National Lloyds and Foremost.